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Practice At Home

Practicing golf is not just about how many balls you hit on the range or how many rounds you play, doing drills at home or wherever you are also plays a key roll in your game. Here are a few drills you can try at home, at work and at the golf course.

Drills At Home

1. Swing Speed And Power Drill

One of the easiest drills that you can do by yourself at home to improve your swing speed and strength is to take an iron, and hold the club from a little above the club head on the shaft and then swing only at shoulder level. You can choose the number of reps and sets based on what you're comfortable doing.

2. Shoulder Turning Drill.

This is a drill you can do sitting on a chair or standing at home. Put both your hands on the opposite shoulders and hold tight. Then slowly turn as much as your upper body can go. This will help you rotate your shoulders more and generate positive club force that will help you hit the ball higher and further.

Drills At The Range

1. The Gate Drill.

If you have problems with random hooks or slices and even to be able to strike the ball in the middle of the club face, try this drill. At the range place two tee's with a 10 inch gap between both of them. Then place your ball in the center of the tees and swing. If you are hitting either tee's, you're most likley going to slice or hook the ball. Try not touching either tees and just hitting the ball.

This is a helpful video to help you strike the ball in the center of your club.

2. The Grandfather Clock Drill.